This line of AGM products, ESVOA MEMS chips, has been in production for several years and is regularly shipping in high volume to customers in Asia and North America. The AGM Electrostatic Variable Optical Attenuator MEMS chip enables the core functionality for our customers’ VOA products.

The MEMS chip that AGM supplies is packaged by our customers into a fully functioning VOA product that typically looks like the one shown. The image at right shows a complete commercial VOA product, in which the AGM ESVOA MEMS chip has been packaged inside of a TO metal can, with optical fibers shown at left and electrical leads at right.

Advantages of the AGM ESVOA MEMS chip include superior optical performance, high attenuation (> 45dB), stable and repeatable attenuation, low PDL and WDL, low temperature dependence, and good resistance to mechanical shock and vibration. The product has been deployed in field use by major customers for a number of years and as such, it has reached a level of product maturity. AGM supports its products once they move into the production phase with continuing customer support to address issues that may arise in the course of packaging and deployment.

Product specifications for Low Voltage and High Voltage MEMS chip products are contained in the specification sheet available in pdf format at the link below.

Spec Sheet – LV and HV MEMS chips for Electrostatic Variable Optical Attenuation

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