AG Microsystems, Inc. is a leading provider of Optical MEMS technology for Optical Networking and applications in emerging areas such as Biomedical, 3D Imaging, and LIDAR. Since 2010, AGM has been the world’s largest supplier of Micromirror MEMS chips for Fiber Optic Components such as Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA), Tunable Filters (TF), and Switches


Optical Networking

Internet and Mobile communications have witnessed astronomical growth in popularity and usage in recent years. Optical Networking technology forms the backbone of the Global Communications Infrastructure and carries most of the digital traffic. In their efforts to keep up with the insatiable market demand for increased data, Optical Network providers find themselves constantly in need of cutting edge technology and innovation that can enable dynamically configurable networks offering more bandwidth and higher efficiency. With its highly developed Optical MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) products and technical expertise, AGM is well poised to meet this need.
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LIDAR for Autonomous Driving, Fiber Optic Components

Emerging Applications

As MEMS Technology matures and becomes more widespread, it is increasingly being applied in new and novel ways. Some of the emerging applications that are already impacting society include LIDAR, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, 3D imaging, and Biomedical instrumentation. AGM’s micromirror technology is well suited to make these applications more compact, efficient and cost effective. Fiber Optic Components
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About AGM

Since its inception in 2005, AGM has been a leading supplier of Optical MEMS products to many of the top-tier Fiber Optic Components Companies, in the US and Asia, who are supplying components to leading Optical Networking Systems Companies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, AGM works closely with customers and suppliers globally. Our cutting edge Optical MEMS products have a broad range of applications also in emerging areas such as 3D Imaging, LIDAR, and Biomedical applications.
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