Mini2D Two Axis MEMS Chip for Optical Switches

The Mini2D MEMS chip for Optical Switch and Other Applications represents a logical new product development for AGM. This product extends the functionality of the original Two Axis 1xN MEMS chip while also reducing the chip size and improving performance.

The chip size has been reduced from 1.8 x 2.1 mm down to 1.7 x 1.7 mm while maintaining the same mirror size of 1 mm diameter. The chip is offered with standard specs as design A, while design M offers higher angle at lower voltages. Even with all of these improvements, the Mini2D chip maintains many of the best features of the original 1xN chip, such as stability and repeatability of the mirror angle and low susceptibility to shock, vibration, and temperature changes.

These devices can be packaged in TO46 or TO39 headers, or ceramic surface mount packages allowing for smaller size and lower production costs.

The AGM Mini2D MEMS chip is currently being qualified for use at a number of top-tier optical component makers and is available for purchase in both low and high volume. An evaluation kit offered by AGM, including the Mini2D MEMS chip enclosed in a TO header along with PCB driver board enables customers to explore the potential applications of this novel technology.


Spec Sheet – Mini2D Two Axis MEMS Chip for Optical Switches

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